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                Company News

                Aisino Won the Bid for the Invoice Management Platform Project of Yonghui Supermarket

                  Recently, Aisino Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as “Aisino”) won the bid for the National Invoice Management Platform Project of Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “YH”)

                  YH is a nation-level leading enterprise in terms of "distribution" and "agricultural industrialization". It is a large private joint-stock group enterprise cultivated during the transformation of traditional farmer's market to modern circulation mode in Fujian Province. Prior to this, Aisino successfully launched the electronic invoice platform and provided self-service terminals for YH, which significantly assists its tax informatization process.

                  In this project, Aisino will provide YH with a closed-loop invoice management service platform and an integrated invoicing and fiscal solution, with a full consideration of YH's industry characteristics and business development needs, such as its large number of stores, wide coverage, large invoice volume, complex business processes, and etc. The Project aims to reduce YH’s operating costs, tax-related risks and inject new momentum into YH’s sustainable development.

                  This project will play a demonstrative role for the promotion of large-scale supermarket invoice management platform. In the follow-up, Aisino will continue to provide secured, reliable, and efficient integrated fiscal solutions for major group customers and help them to grow healthily.

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